Sunday, March 21, 2010

I can't believe he's 2

We had a birthday party for Grady and it was crazy, pretty much like Christmas. He didn't know what direction he was going. We couldn't get him to open his presents and that worked out fine because someone was begging, pleading, prodding, nagging me like crazy to let her open or "help" Grady open his presents. We finally got them all open and then had lots of fun driving the cars, kicking, throwing, and hitting balls and playing with cousins and yes I cut all his beautiful baby curls off :( :( :(.


  1. Happy Birthday, Grady, from your long lost Arizona next door neighbors! We miss you! Give Kessa a big hug and kiss for us too!

  2. so is he a busy 2 year old boy like both of my boys were! man i don't know where they get all the energy! :) He definitely looks grown up with the haircut and so does markessa!! thanks for the birthday wish!! love and miss ya!