Sunday, March 21, 2010

I can't believe he's 2

We had a birthday party for Grady and it was crazy, pretty much like Christmas. He didn't know what direction he was going. We couldn't get him to open his presents and that worked out fine because someone was begging, pleading, prodding, nagging me like crazy to let her open or "help" Grady open his presents. We finally got them all open and then had lots of fun driving the cars, kicking, throwing, and hitting balls and playing with cousins and yes I cut all his beautiful baby curls off :( :( :(.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's Official

I am the worst blogger ever! But things are going to change, I'm being very positive here. Here are some highlights of the last 4 months.

Markessa absolutely wishes her birthday was every day.

Grady is not so sure about his first encounter with the snow.

Christmas Lights at the Salt Lake Temple.

Markessa's First Dance Performance. At least she and one other girl are doing the same thing.

I'm just so darn cute - take my picture.

We've got the cheese it down packed!

Mom I did my own hair!!

Christmas Crazy!!

Grandma Boyington's Christmas Morning

Markessa wanted to camp out in the dead of winter, so we camped out in Mommy's room on Mommy's bed for 3 whole nights!! (I had the honor of sleeping sideways at the bottom of the bed.)

Salt Lake Temple - Christmas

Freemont High - Markessa's First Dance Performance

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The Halloween low down! We had a pumkin decorating party and Grady and I were having a spectacular day (ha ha). Then we had a Ward Halloween party and Grady again was having a spectacular day. Mommy played one of her songs for the Talent Show. Don't everyone fall over. I made it through without having a heart attack, but I didn't sing it because my voice is on vacation in the Bahamas where it's warm. I surely would have had a heart attack trying to play it and sing it at the same time. Maybe some day. I got to help out with Markessa's Halloween party at school and watch her do the chicken at dance. We went to Grandma Boyington's and Grandma Freeman's then off to the craziest Trunk or Treat ever. We have enough candy to last us till Halloween next year and the weather was absolutely perfect!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Our Temple Scrapbook

The temple has brought such great peace to my life and there are days when its' shelter is my only break from the world. I desperately want my children to develop the same love I have for the Lord's Temples, so we are going to visit as many temples as we can and start a Temple Scrapbook. We went to the Ogden Temple tonight for Family Home Evening. Here are some funny pictures of us. I thought I could just take them by holding out the camera, ha ha. Then I figured out how to time the pictures. More funny ones, ha ha. Then we went and had ice cream at Farr's. Of course I got Licorice!! It's the best.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Grady 17 months

If I ask you if you have messy pants - you nod your head yes.

You take of running, fast, when it's time to change your diaper and you shout, "No" in the cutest voice.

You are the first helper to start cleaning up. (Other helpers include Markessa, Shay, Jaden, McKenna, and Shelby hmm hmm!)

If anyone asks you please to give them something you do it.

You just got tubes in your ears and the doctor said your tubes are among the smallest he has seen.

You love chips and popcorn.

You love your cousins and you shout their names with excitement when you see or hear them.

You have to sit in the big boy booster.

You like to throw your garbage away (AND OTHER NON-GARBAGE THINGS!!)

You love to read books.

You love to hit everything like it is a golf ball.

You kick only with your left foot.

You are a Sports Lefty we think.

You love to jump on the trampoline - you stand at the door and say, "jump, jump."

"Let's Go!!" and then you run.

You love dogs and the bunny.

You get to go to Nursery early and you don't even miss me.

You throw things to people at church and you say "hi" to everyone there.

You no longer sleep through the night.

You are a binki boy!!!!!!

You loves cuddles when you wake up.

You would love your trains if you hadn't thrown them in the garbage.

You love the slide.

You finally got in the swing for a whole minute, only barely moving though.

You love potato bugs and picking them up, playing and squishing them. You call them balls.

You like playing in the sand box, writing bikes, and playing soccer.

Mommy loves you SOOOO much! Keep smiling, playing, and laughing like you do.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pretty "Silly" Ballerinas

La La Lagoon

One of my favorite rides when I was young was the Music Express. Markessa was so daring to go on it with me. It was so hilarious!! I was laughing so hard I was crying. She was holding on for dear life and sliding all over the place. I think she was scared to death, but she didn't complain once.